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The Team at Haute Arabia consist of the World's most called upon advisors on Venture Consulting, investment appraisals, business plan reviews and start-up!

We are here to support you on your journey to market. We want to ensure you create a valuable, sustainable company which will survive and be your legacy. We will help develop your company from idea inception to going to market.

Contact our team at info@hautearabia.com requesting a Consultant to contact you to discuss your needs further.

Some key services requested often include;

Executive Business Plan Creation 

  • Composing your first business plan for your company;
  • This will be a 2-3 page summary of your business, what it's goals are and how it will achieve these and deliver revenue/ sustain itself.

Cost: USD 3,000

Time for production depends on the availability of materials but is within 3-5 days.

Full Business Plan

A comprehensive business plan which can be utilised to describe your company to invested partners, investors and/or clients.

We will develop this specifically for you taking into account the most up-to-date market information.

This will usually involve some financial analysis and full financial model if for investors, in this case the cost detailed here does not include this. 

Cost: USD 10,000

Time for production depends on the availability of materials but is within 2-3 weeks.

Emergency Business Plans can be produced for USD 20,000 for an urgent investor meeting in 3 days. 

Financial Model

  • A comprehensive financial model which would provide you with a P&L forecast for 3-5 Y depending on your business.
  • An indicative amount of fundraising required
  • An indicative valuation to use as your starting point in investor discussions

Investor Negotiations and Representations

  • We can act as your negotiator on any investment deal for 5% of the sought investment where investment sought is over USD250,000.
  • For investment of less than USD250,000 we will charge a flat fee of USD12,000.