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HIJUP UK presents a modest style for a woman who is global, a woman who cares about her world and who wants to make a change for the better in the world. By shopping at HIJUP UK you facilitate this change and support emerging and start-up designers to become independent, to grow and sustain themselves and their families.

£1 of every purchase at HIJUP UK is donated to the recently rebranded award-winning Women’s Collective (formerly the Women’s Venture Fund) where we offer support services to women-led enterprises. In August 2016 the Women’s Collective launched with our first co-working space decimated to female-led enterprises. HIJUP UK is an employer that works closely to support the flexible lives women need when bringing-up young families.

For us at HIJUP UK a social purpose has always been the heart of our goal. We see ourselves as not existing for an end in itself but as a means for betterment for our society. Our goal is to drive support, goodness and wealth to our communities. We do this through more jobs, more revenue for our businesses and support for the world of women around us!

How does HIJUP UK try to protect against abuse in the garment industry?
First, we promise to curate high-quality, modest fashion only from brands with ethical practices. Customers can therefore make purchases on our site with the assurance that the seamstresses have been paid fairly, and that materials have been sourced mindfully.
Furthermore, £1 of every purchase made on HIJUP UK is donated to the Women Collective (formerly the Women’s Venture Fund).

The collective facilitates opportunities for women-led enterprises all around the world, by providing funding and a like-minded community to share skills, stories, and life lessons. The latter is made possible at our newly launched co-working space in the heart of Chelsea - a beautiful, safe space designed for working women in mind.

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