Silsal Design

Silsal Design House produces a variety of creative tableware and accessories for the home, including dinnerware, serveware, drink-ware and gift items. It’s a place where art and function collide, and where quality and accessibility go hand in hand.The Silsal ethos is rooted in the belief that art should be everywhere; decorating tabletops and homes. It’s the idea that beauty can infuse everyday life and everyday objects.

Silsal inspires and excites with collections that draw upon the Middle East’s rich artistic heritage, bringing the charm of a bygone era into the modern home. Simple functionality, extraordinary quality, and artistic expression are the foundations of their philosophy. What sets Silsal apart from its contemporaries is the firm belief that beautiful design shouldn’t be aspirational, but attainable. Silsal works tirelessly to ensure prices are affordable, while remaining rigorously faithful to quality and craftsmanship.

Silsal collections reflect a love of the Middle East, drawing inspiration from the people, places and cultures of the region. Contrast is fundamental throughout the collections, both in terms of materials and colours. Historical calligraphy is offset against modern acrylics, while vibrant pops of colour offset traditional white porcelain. What remains consistent is Silsal’s signature aesthetic: shapes are effortless, forms are free, and each piece is unmistakably unique.