Huw Roman


      Huw Roman Inc, is a women's modest wear fashion company that is base out of Tokyo, Japan. It started in November 2015 with the aim to provide quality and comfortable modest fashion clothing to women all over the world.  Our clothing is focus on the Huw Roman Women. The Huw Roman women is a women with strong moral principles, one who is honest, intellectual, sophisticated, delicate, independent, chic, charming, modern and who has a lot of faith in oneself. This is also our Brand core concept, which we had represented as "粋" (Iki) - representing delicacy, individuality and chicness and"薫" (Kaoru) representing the atmosphere of illusion, nuance, romanticism, and reality.

      The Brand Creative Director was greatly inspired by the different traditions, cultures, topography and geography of the places she had visited. The beauty that nature has provided (Sand dunes, the Fuji mountain, etc,), Architecture, Cinema and most important -  people's opinion and choices on matters related to world events, life, fashion, food etc.

      On her visit to Dubai and Turkey she was inspired by the Women wearing the Abaya. It was very mystical and had very deep meaning. She then started designing a pattern base on the inspiration from the Abaya and come up with the “Nagare”.  This beautiful elegant gown has curve that resembles the concave slopes of Mt. Fuji. A bit of the traditional Japanese Kimono was also incorporated into the design. This is represented by the "obijime" or sash, which is seen around the waist on some of the variation of the Nagare and the sleeve.