Meaning "the merging of two," Endemage embodies the chic and fashion savvy, through a range of ultra-elegant, floor-skimming, East-meets-West designs. Launched in 2010, creatively named Endemage, quickly gathered a large following of loyal fashionistas. Born out of the minds of Omani sisters, Lubna and Nadia, Endemage is focused on revolutionizing the world of high end women's wear and Arab fashion, offering a more edgy and modern take on upscale dressing. The childhood vision gained its real wheels during Lubna's time at ESMOD, Dubai, becoming a reality soon after graduation. Continuously showcasing their collections since then, Endemage has shown in Oman, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. With the sisters dedicated to innovation and design, while not forgetting their strong culture, the brands creations are centralized around an Arab-chic style with an air of Arabian romanticism, a la Jasmine and Aladdin.