Cielle London

Cielle is the manifestation of designer and artist Seree Kang's desire to bring elegance and joy into daily life. A combination of two French words, 'ciel' (sky) and 'elle' (she), 'cielle' can be understood as meaning 'a woman from the sky' - a goddess.

She sees the ideal of the modern woman as being a goddess who chooses to use fashion  accessories to reveal her personality or create a specific image, rather than merely as adornments. Everything in the Cielle range is designed to exist as both an art and a fashion piece, imbued with a uniqueness and creativity that match the modern woman's lifestyle.

Four different themes combine within the world of Cielle: Cielle Professional; Cielle Romance; Cielle Balance; and Cielle Goddess.The modern woman is a master of the art of balance - at work and at play, in relationships and in society. Cielle Goddess represents those who live their lives in a balanced way, and inspire others around them with their positivity and energy.

Cielle jewellery collection meets at the intersection of 'art' and 'fashion design'. Make Cielle the companion that elegantly underlines your beauty and inner nature.


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