Amal Al Raisi

It’s been 9 magnificent years since Amal Al Raisi started working in the fashion industry. Under the name of ‘Dar Al Aseel’, she first started designing traditional Omani dresses and went on to create abayas and jalabiyas. In 2015, Amal decided she was ready for a new fashion venture. She added a ready-to-wear line and changed her brand name to ‘Amal Al Raisi’. The RTW collection has a modern aesthetic and follows the international fashion calendar, while the capsule collection consists of kaftans, jalabiyas and abayas. Both collections mirror each other so the inspiration, fabric and colors are the same and can therefore be styled together, combining modern silhouettes with traditional styles.

Amal Al Raisi’s collections are a tribute to women that are feminine but not delicate. Amal admires today’s power woman who prioritizes family but also pursues her dreams. Both collections are produced in Oman and overseen by Amal herself to ensure the highest quality and an impeccable finish. Amal’s ultimate goal is for her pieces to be worn far beyond the borders of Oman.


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