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Is this the year of modest fashion? The world is waking-up to the reality of the size of the modest fashion market and every international brand has at least considered dappling into this segment. The question still on the mind of many is, is this a trend or an evolution in fashion? What is next for modest fashion? H&M most recently made international news with their choice of a woman covered in hijab 'headscarf', in doing so they created a new modest fashion influencer, Mariah Idrissi. With fashion evolving faster, and global social media influencers leading this evolution, are these the women who are silently influencing global trends? Here we take a look at putting together a comprehensive list of these modest fashion influencers and ask them what drives their decisions. Is it their religious belief and a passion to show the world modesty doesn't equate to frumpy? Or would they have been fashion influencers religion or no religion? 

Dian Pelangi, one of the original heroines of the modest fashion industry with 4.4m followers on Instagram. Her debut at Haute-Elan.com began with the London Bulgari show, and was followed by a catwalk for London Fashion Week. 

The UK's largest modest fashion blogger, Dina Torkia has worked with a host of large companies, including H&M, and BooHoo, as well as running her own fashion companies.  

Instagram sensation Ascia Akf began blogging in 2012 and has since amassed an Instagram following of 1.9m followers. She founded the fashion brand Desert Baby.


Sondos Alqattan is one of the Middle East's biggest beauty bloggers. While she is known for her makeup artistry, she believes that true beauty is that which comes from within. 

With 1.9m Instagram followers, Dallas Al Doub is one of Kuwait's largest bloggers. On her blog, she states that 'Her goal is to empower women; to provide them with confidence, and to encourage them to become their own stylists and makeup artists.'





Mariam R Mohammad has amassed an Instagram following of a million. The Kuwaiti blogger regularly posts about fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is primarily known for being the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab while competing in the Olympics. She is sure to have inspired millions of women that modesty need not stand in the way of pursuing a career in sport. 



Sagal Ibrahim Shire is a Somalian blogger who resides in London; she describes her style as 'cultural chic' and loves a monochromatic ensemble.

Texas based Leena Asad began blogging in 2014, following requests from her Instagram followers. She believes that the journey towards dressing more modestly, is one that begins with the mind. 



Having co-founded three businesses, run a blog and a YouTube channel, Amena Khan is one entrepreneurial lady. The mother-of-two regularly puts together outfits that are classy and cool.  




Regularly bringing forth outfits that are modest yet modern, Saufeeya Goodson is most inspired by her mother and grandmother.

Russian beauty Alexandra Golokova shows us how to layer chicly. We love that she continually changes up her style, demonstrating her versatility. 

Renown for hosting the Taim Show, an online radio program, Futaim AlFalasi has since gained an online following of millions. She regularly creates online content, including vlogs and celebrity interviews.

On finding it difficult to find clothes that were stylish yet modest, Adi Heyman created the Jewish lifestyle website Fabologie, in order to help women like herself. 



Multi-talented beauty Nabila creates video content, is a stylist, and also designs clothes. She began blogging in 2011 when there were very few proponents for modest fashion, and has since become one of the biggest bloggers in the industry.

Dubbed 'the region's funniest social media influencer' by Vogue Arabia, Bibi Alabdulmohsen is primarily known for creating witty Snapchat videos that respond to questions sent by her viewers. With over a million Instagram followers, she has also become a fashion influencer.


Having begun blogging in 2012 with her site, 'Hipster Hijabis', Summer Albarcha has since been acknowledged by worldwide media, including Marie Claire and Look Magazine. 

Dana Al Tuwarish is one of the largest fashion influencers to have come from Kuwait. Regularly displaying her luxurious wardrobe on Instagram, she has amassed a worldwide following of over a million.



Editor for the website The Style Menu, Annie Swift puts together ensembles that are eclectic yet classy. 



Netherlands-based Ruba Zai began her YouTube channel in order to find her sense of style on adopting the hijab; she has since become a fashion inspiration to millions. 


Someone who loves to inject a little colour into her wardrobe, Dini Anggraeni D has a style that is pretty and effeminate. 

South African beauty, Aisha Baker,  is effortlessly cool. From slouchy pants to glamorous dresses, she can pull off anything. 
South Africa

With a style that's often minimal, Elif Dogan juxtaposes clashing pieces in a way that just works. She makes trends her own by seamlessly incorporating them into her look. 

Sabina Hannan is primarily known for her YouTube channel on which she creates bold makeup looks. Her style is often classically modest, incorporating abayas and maxi skirts, with a pop of colour.

Pakistani fashion and lifestyle blogger, Jaserah A. embodies class; she regularly mixes up her sartorial colour palette, wearing everything from muted pastels to bold block colours.   


Despite having been born and brought up in Canada, Ethiopian beauty Manal regularly integrates pieces that are inspired by her culture, into her wardrobe. Her ensembles are bold, beautiful and daring.

With a wardrobe that is monochrome at its finest, Rani Hatta has an Instagram page that is sure to appeal to the minimalist.

Creative director for fashion company Jenahara&Jenahara, Jenahara Nasution regularly mixes clean lines with slouchy fits, to create an ensemble that is eclectic without being overtly fussy.

Canadian fashion and beauty blogger, Hanan Tehaili, founded the company 'Hijabs by Hanan' in order to help women look and feel beautiful in their hijab. "Modest fashion is a way of expressing your style parallel to your way of life. It is beautiful because of the varying styles and beliefs that are intertwined to create this phenomenon."


US-based Elizabeth Roy runs a blog which aims to 'encourage women to live faithfully and boldly for Christ and dress modestly yet stylishly'. She regularly opts for effeminate ensembles.  



Sisters-in-law Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik run an online store that sells modest minimalist clothing. They are renown for creating the skirt legging, a long, skin tight skirt that been a little controversial over the years. 


Browsing Maria Alia's Instagram is sure to give you some serious wardrobe envy. Featured in the October 2016 issue of Marie Claire US, she makes layering look like an art form, creating looks are pieced together beautifully. "I don't see fashion as just the material pieces of clothes, it's how it's worn, how it feels, how it lays, how textures and patterns meet, and ultimately how it makes you feel."



Owner of Amirah Couture, Amirah Aulaqi, loves to experiment with colour, often opting for block colours and patterned dresses.


UK-based fashion and lifestyle blogger Fatima Lily A. regularly flits between traditional and more modern interpretations of modest fashion. She adds a classy touch to everything she wears.

Zhenya Goldner regularly puts together ensembles that reflect her penchant for colour. She exudes cool-girl chic.  



Regularly adopting monochromatic pieces, Zizi's style is well put together and classically cool.

Engineering graduate Sahar Foad has both beauty and brains. Her style is bold and fun, incorporating trendy pieces without letting them define her look. 


Hulya Aslan is the Fashion Editor for Turkish magazine Ala, a publication that is aimed at the modest woman, who chooses to dress sophisticatedly; Hulya embodies this notion.

Qatar-based Eslimah is a revert who quickly gained an online following after posting her first YouTube video. She loves the way in which modest fashion unites women all over the world.

Regularly posting her looks to Instagram, Saima Khan frequently opts for flowy maxi skirts and pretty abayas. "Modest fashion is a way you carry yourself from the inner and outer persona. It is a movement that allows you to express who you are and what you stand for. It is a form of expression based on the individual’s religious and cultural values."


UK-based Taslim Rajabali usually opts for clean lines, creating an ensemble that is beautiful in its simplicity.


Primarily known for creating beautiful makeup looks, UK-based Aaliyah Jasmine Mohammed gives us serious fashion and makeup goals.

Journalist, Noor Tagouri was recently in the public eye for doing an interview with Playboy magazine, addressing the way in which muslims are often misrepresented by the media. She aims to become the first hijabi to become a mainstream news presenter on US TV.

Showing that modest dressing is in no way boring, Hazal Pelin Aydin is bold and fun in her sartorial decisions.

US-based fashion and beauty blogger Omaya Zein regularly creates online content showcasing her varied and effeminate style; she currently has over 300k followers on Instagram, which is sure to keep increasing.


UK-based Basma Kahle is a fashion and beauty blogger with her own collection of hijabs. Her style varies from cool and trendy, to classically pretty.


While retaining a sense of mystery by hiding her face, Saris HH places all emphasis on her outfits. She dares to wear a variety of trends and styles and looks good in everything.

With an affinity for traditionally modest garments such as abayas and long-line blouses, Ebru Sever makes a statement with bold colours and prints.

Trendy and effortlessly cool, Rabia Sena Sever shows us how modest dressing need not compromise your sense of style. 


While on most days, she keeps it simple with a pair of slim jeans and a jumper, we particularly love Melanie Elturk's beautifully  maxi skirts.

Zaynah often layers floaty pieces, creating an ensemble that reflects her urban, classy-cool style. "Modesty for me is the epitome of elegance, style and beauty."

Juxtaposing casual pieces with tailored items, Sarah Dimani puts together ensembles that are effortlessly cool. "Modest fashion is a way of inner modest, kind and peaceful behavior expressed by yourself through your clothing."

With her disregard for fashion rules, Mariam Ayari Moufid continually experiments with various shapes and colours - and we love it. 

Not afraid to go for a boldly printed jacket or a bright pair of trousers, we love Zeynep Kardeniz's style.  

Hind Al Madani often opts for classically modest pieces, bringing some colour into her wardrobe with embroidered abayas and pastel hijabs. "Being on social media has allowed me to express my style and share my taste in modest fashion. There is nothing that I love more than to inspire other women to look and feel their best. To be modest and in tune with fashion could be challenging, but with today's options and opportunities I believe the sky is the limit" 


In order to create a space in which to explore the seemingly contradictory notion of dressing both traditionally modest and yet trendy, Sharon Langert created the site Fashionista. It has since received hundreds of thousands of views.

With a taste in fashion that is bold and fun, Hassanah El-Yacoubi ordinarily wears flowing maxi dresses and embroidered abayas. 

Proving that sometimes simplicity works best, Nour Kiss Soliman frequently puts together ensembles with a pared down colour scheme that are classically pretty.

If there's anyone who makes fashion look like fun, it's Ashley Amber. Having created outfits inspired by everything from flowers to Disney Princesses, she makes us want to inject a little colour into our wardrobe.

Continually taking inspiration from popular culture, trends and previous fashion movements Sobia Masood uses fashion as a means of expression. "Modest fashion has enabled me to connect with my faith by serving as a vehicle for self discovery and spiritual cultivation. Modest fashion has also allowed me to confidently create and claim my Muslim identity, something I think most of us struggle with in the complex society that surrounds us."


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