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Adopt a Syrian orphan

Adopt a Syrian orphan



Asalamu'alaikum my brothers & sisters in Islam. My name is Hafizah and I'm a volunteer for a charity called 'Citizen UK'. We work together to welcome families who have fled from Syria who are currently in refugee camps. Lately we have started welcoming families from the Callais camp in France. We are looking for Muslim families to foster underage children who have arrived in Callais after their families were killed. They have no one to help them but Allah and those benevolent enough to take them in. I request you sisters, to share this message to the biggest number of Muslim families you can. Because we don't want the fate of the children to be in the hands of families with faiths different to the Muslim faith.

 My number is 07719138144

I implore you to assist us, thank you.

Asalamu'alaikum, your sister in Islam, Hafizah.

Please pass it on if you're unable to help. These children may end up in non muslim households and be raised with a different faith.

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    Is it possible to adopt in dubai or India to Muslim family

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