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In the Haute Seat: Watch Out For Raseel Fattal

Young entrepreneur living in Dubai, Raseel Fattal, shares her story on her success. 

The stunning fashionista and entrepreneur, Raseel Fattal is a blogger to watch out for. Founder and designer of Raseel Jewelery and project manager at The Fashion Vault, Raseel’s career has been a huge success and she has now become a great influencer on social media as she continues to grow and develop her brand and herself.

Her intricate and beautiful jewellery brand was inspired by her spark of passion she had for jewellery growing up. “My parents worked in gold mines in Africa, so I have always been inspired by small little details” which lead to her developing her own company where she designs pieces of jewellery with immense attention to detail. 

Being a very spiritual person, her jewellery design is inspired by everything positive in her life. “The prism design was used in some jewellery as with a prism, when the light shines into it, it reflects many colours. Just like this, I believe jewellery should reflect your true self,” Raseel explained.

Being independent is a key factor that lead her to creating her own business. “I have always been an independent person, even when I’m with my parents, I have always wanted to build something of my own that I am passionate about, which was jewellery.” Getting out of her comfort zone and believing in herself is what allowed her to establish this brand, which, within only a year and a half of being launched, has expanded rapidly across the Middle East. She also featured in multiple magazines, and been on the cover of some as well.

Not only does she have her own company, but she is quite the fashionista on her social media. “Fashion means everything to me. A person should always look stylish, even when going grocery shopping.” Raseel believes that when a person is stylish, it gives off a professional image which has helped her immensely with the success of her jewellery brand. Having a classy and modern yet edgy style has helped raise not only her popularity on Instagram, but also her brand. Being stylish has allowed her to feature in many campaigns for beauty and fashion. “Fashion integrates perfectly with other aspects of your life. It’s not about the brands you wear, it’s about how you style and present yourself to the world.”

From all her designs, one of her favourite jewellery pieces is the hoop earrings which have two colours. “I love mix and matching different colours and patterns and clashing styles. Also I love jewellery that can be worn both casually and for a night out as it’s so versatile.”

With such a successful and expanding business, there are always going to be some downfalls however. “I thought that people who would support me actually put me down and try to make me feel bad about myself. I strongly believe in uplifting one another, so it really hurt me. Luckily, The Fashion Vault really helped me with this. They became my family and showed me much support which helped me overcome this.”

Having your own business is tough work, which is why Raseel takes Ramadan as an opportunity to relax and spend time with her family, while planning for the future of the company and coming up with fresh ideas. Ramadan allows her to clear her mind as she takes a step back while fasting. This allows her to come back with even more determination and passion to develop her jewellery company. There is still much in store for Raseel as she works on her new Baby collection, which she aims to release soon. “This can be used as a gift to a child so it can stay with them for a lifetime. These pieces will hold much more sentimental value to the one you give it to.”

Her words of advice for her followers is to “always believe in yourself and do something your passionate about. Always be your own mentor, be independent and think to yourself that you can do it.”

Follow Raseel: @raseelfattal_

Follow Raseel Jewelery: @raseeljewelery 

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