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Top Hijabs for Every Occasions

Top Hijabs for Every Occasions 

The Hijab is a statement piece for many Muslim women. It is both a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs and a staple piece for modest attire. As modest fashion expands across the world, different hijab styles are being introduced into the market. The vast array of colours, styles, materials, textures, you name it and it is now available. This illustrates the change in perception of the Hijab and how it is actually trendy to cover up. This now raises the question; how do I know which hijab to wear? Well, we have curated our top Hijabs for all different occasions to make sure your prepared and stylish for any event while keeping modest. 

Lunch date

Sadoq Minhal Scarf

This soft and elegant scarf is perfect for a quick lunch meet-up with any close friends or relatives, with its easy to wear light fabric and stunning colour. The relaxed and simple vibe with the tassels hanging loosely at the bottom gives it the extra touches of femininity and style without trying to hard; making it the perfect piece for a casual lunch date. 


Formal event 

 Feradje Soleil Mocca Scarf 

This pleated scarf by feradje with a beautiful and luxurious feel can be worn on any formal or special event. Easy to wrap around and maintain, the pleats add extra glamour and style to your outfit. The brown tone ensures that the scarf compliments any outfit, allowing you to style it with different pieces. 


Family Fun day  


Huw Roman Jacquard Turban Ribbon Grey

Planning on a nice barbecue, or a fun trip to the beach? You need to make sure that your hair is up and out of the way as you rush around trying to get everyone and everything sorted. The Huw Roman Turban is the ultimate top item for these sorts of occasion. No hijab pulling or flying around, this turban ties perfectly around your hair; tight up and out of your face, leaving you one less thing to worry about. 


Sports Event 

Capsters Runner Dark Grey & Light Grey

Taking part in any physical activity? The conventional hijab can be difficult to maintain when running around in any sport. The Capsters runner takes care of this issue by offering a breathable, light weight mesh material that fits perfectly over your head and keeps your head cool. Now you don’t have to worry about your head getting to hot or your hijab flying off as this grey cover-up slides on and is sweat proof. 


Everyday Work wear  

Ecardin Pigeon Blue Chiffon Scarf

The perfect hijab for an everyday wear, that is comfortable, stylish and work appropriate has to be an Ecardin hijab. The various colours available adds a pop of colour to your everyday look, without being over the top. The pastel colours give you a delicate and soft look and can be easily worn with any outfit. 



Foulard midnight maroon scarf  

This hijab is sure to make a statement with its tulle embellished detail that makes this a staple piece for any outfit. This can be worn on any weddings or very special occasions. The maroon colour makes it appropriate for evening events. The unique take on the hijab can be styled around the shoulder for a bold and powerful look. 


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