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The Weekend Edit

There is nothing like the warm, hazy days of the weekend – whether its spent either with family or friends, active or lazy, in the city or the countryside – at Haute Elan, our team have selected our top favourite things to do in London at the weekend. Oh; and you can find the perfect, must-have outfits to accompany here on Haute-Elan!

1: Shopping
Of course this has to be our number one – after all we are a luxury online shopping destination! Whether a slow amble along the fantastic array of shops along Kings Road or all out at Bond Street – nothing beats buying a new bag or those sunglasses you’ve been eyeing up.

2: Enjoy the freedom
Whether its Regent or Hyde Park – the latter being the team’s personal favourite as its so close to our offices in Chelsea – get out and enjoy the vast expanses of greenery London has to offer! It is easy to forget during the working week how fortunate we Londoners are to have such beautiful and large parks. So grab a bike and explore!

3: Food
The food scene is simply wonderful in London. We are lucky to be exposed to so many cuisines for us to taste and explore. Search for the latest pop-up supper clubs or decide for yourself whether that must-try Michelin restaurant was actually worth it.

4. Culture
Just explore – we cannot stress this enough. Try and avoid the tourist hot-spots and simply pick an area of London you have not been to yet. A long meander around the back streets of Chelsea will surprise you – there are a myriad of art galleries and stunning boutiques that would remain undiscovered. There is always a music or food festival on so keep a look out.

5. Friends and Family
We have saved the best for last – make time to see your loved ones. Enjoy, relax and laugh with those closest to you over those two short days – creating memories that will last…at least until the next weekend.

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