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The Layering Tricks You Need To Master

Dressing modestly and creating layered ensembles go hand in hand. Curated modest fashion sites - like Haute Elan - make it easier to put together a modest look, bringing forth pieces that are chic yet conservative. While modest pieces make putting together an outfit so much easier, it's still handy to know how to layer these pieces well. If you’re tired of using the same black cardigan or pair of leggings to make your outfits more modest, then we’ve got you covered. Adopt some of these tricks to give your outfit a little more depth and create a look that’s stylishly layered.


Wear a tailored shirt under a floaty slip dress to create a look that's effortlessly chic. Complete the look with a pair of converses. 
Keep your colour palette simple yet multi-tonal. Layer several warm-toned pieces to create an ensemble that will look well put together. Feeling bold? Incorporate a metallic piece to give the look some dimension.
For a look that shouts 'trendsetter' experiment with layering long-line pieces of various prints and textures. Keep the look coordinated by keeping the colour palette muted. 
Who says you can't wear socks with sandals? Mix clashing prints to create a look that's sure to turn heads. Incorporate some block coloured pieces to break up the busier items.
Why not try working with a single colour? Mix and match items of various textures to create a look that is minimal yet chic. Add block coloured accessories in a contrasting colour to add a little depth.
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