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The Haute Seat - Hanan Tehaili

The Haute Seat - Hanan Tehaili

This week we put the Canadian fashion blogger, Hanan Tehaili, to find out what she gets up to behind the scenes! 

This multi-talented influencer had to be featured in our Haute Seat for her inspirational and empowering content which has allowed women to be confident and comfortable with who they are. Sharing her love and passion for fashion and beauty, she always ensures to keep a smile on her face and to just keep living life to the fullest! Read on to find out more about our inspirational women of the moment - Hanan Tehaili 


"I am a Canadian-Lebanese Muslim blogger/influencer in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Through my YouTube, blog and Instagram platform, I love to create content and spread the message of self-love, women empowerment and leading a positive life with confidence. I also work full time as a Resettlement Operations Officer for the Government of Canada."

What inspired you to get into fashion? 

I never thought I would become a modest fashion influencer. At first, my social media presence showcased hijab styles for different occasions, but I always loved to dress up and match my outfits and people admired that. My following grew and began requesting more style posts which encouraged me to create my brand around fashion and beauty.

What does modesty mean to you? 

Modesty to me means someone who chooses to be more reserved in their actions and appearance. 

What are your top 3 colours for the autumn/winter time?

I love fall because of the fashion. Its so hard to narrow down my favourites but if I had to choose my 3 favourite colours it would definitely be an olive or forest green, a red/purple, and a nude/camel.

How do you ensure that your outfits are kept both fashionable yet conservative? 

Dressing fashionably conservative is not always easy. Sometimes for convenience sake, you want to throw on whatever and run out the door but thats not always possible. I try to buy pieces that are conservative and convenient like a full long sleeve top thats the perfect length to throw on with leggings and a nice trendy bootie. Modest fashion has grown so much, allowing for plenty of styles and options out there. The key is to complete your closet with these pieces so that you're able to dress up without having to think twice.

Do you face any issues being a modest fashion blogger? How do you overcome this? 

Definitely. Modest fashion is such a controversial topic so there will always be issues for representatives in the field. People don't hold their tongue online, they will share their disagreements of your style choice without any consideration of the person in the photo. I used to let it get to me, but frankly no individual is better than another, so their negative comments are not of any value. If its disrespectful, I will block the person, otherwise, I go about my day :)

How do you set yourself apart from other bloggers?

This can be difficult in a growing industry but the one thing will always separate people is their unique personalities. People get to know me through my descriptions on IG, my YouTube videos and my blogposts. 

How does it feel to have such a great following?

It feels like I have a big community of friends :) Its very inspiring and encourages me to want to create more content.

What is your secret to your success?

Be yourself and be consistent. 

What words of advice would you give young women who are struggling with wanting to dress modestly while trying to be fashionable? 

I feel you girl! Hang in there and do a little bit of research. Get inspiration from other people on social media who are dressing modestly fashionable and follow the links that they share. Also, check out modest brands online and browse their collections.

How do you keep motivated? 

Working 8-4 at my government job and evenings as a blogger can be difficult but its that much more motivating! My blogger job is what I enjoy doing the most and being able to come home to work on it makes me happy. Its natural to get demotivated for various reasons but I give myself a days rest to reflect and gain some energy to get back into it.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

I believe every person you meet can inspire you in one way or another. I can't think of any one specific person as my biggest inspiration but I do always inspire to always be a better version of current myself.


Make sure to follow Hanan for more @hanantehaili 

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