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The Goodwill Caravan Fashion Show

“Help us restore faith in humanity." Donate this Ramadan to help refugees. 

With around 60,000 refugees trapped in Greece as a result of conflict or persecution, Hanan El-Ashek took it into her own hands to go out there and support the refugees; creating the charity Goodwill Caravan. “The aim of this charity is to help all those from the persecution of the war”. This non-profit, humanitarian organisation covers refugee emergency care, including food, accommodation and medical care for those who have been physically injured. 

The Goodwill Caravan fashion show, hosted on May 20th, at the Millennium hotel in Knightsbridge, aimed to raise greater awareness of the refugee crisis and of vulnerable families. After having their homes destroyed, losing their loved ones and living in dangerous conditions, the fashion show got the public together to make a difference in their lives by giving all donations from the event to support the refugees. 

The event received great support, with the stalls, auctions, talks, entertainment and also the Haute Elan fashion show. “The highlight of the event for me was when our first refugee family arrived and were brave enough to stand up and share their story on the struggles and heart breaks they have endured. The fact that they could see the amount of support that they were being given was incredible. To see everyone come together to help, there was a genuine feeling of love in the atmosphere,” explained Hanan.  

The fashion show showcased beautiful designs by various designers available at Haute Elan. From luxury Abayas to men Thobes, the event brought everyone together as the clothing masterpieces graced the catwalk. These are a few of our top picks: 

Front Tie Kaftan by Aisyah Almashoor  

Freya Abaya by Faradje 

Grey Thobe by Toby by Hatem Alakeel 

Belgrave Abaya by Faradje 

Cape Coat by Huw Roman 


Despite the success of the event, refugees need more help than ever before due to a number of other charities pulling out from providing aid to refugees on Greek Islands. “The families living there are still in dire need! Women who are pregnant and families are sleeping on the streets,” said Hanan. “They need emergency housing for themselves and for their children who deserve a better chance of surviving and a better start at life.” 

Goodwill Caravan is registered in the UK and Greece and now have officially launched in the USA. Furthermore, Goodwill Caravan were nominated for the Ajala World Changers Award in Dubai last year and have been nominated again for the 2017 Award. The amazing work that Goodwill Caravan has been able to do has meant that families are being legally reunited with each other and refugees are being provided with the support they need to carry on. 

Yet, none of this is possible without your support and donations. Giving to charity is one of the most honourable and rewarding deeds. Donate this Ramadan to help Goodwill Caravan provide Ramadan food packs and eradicate this crises once and for all. 

“We are all born equal and we all have a right to safe passage and dignity. It is not their fault that they have to flee the country in order to keep themselves and their families safe. In helping them we help them stand together and give them the strength to carry on.” - Hanan El-Ashek 


To donate please click here

Check out Goodwill Caravan at www.goodwillcaravan.com

Follow them @goodwillcaravan  




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