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Review: Samol Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil

With the joys of summer and prolonged sunshine, come the harsh UVA and UVB sunrays that can cause serious damage to our locks. This can often leave us with that less than desirable, brittle, frizzy and dry look.

An easy one to neglect but we should try and care for our hair like we do our skin; taking the time to nourish and condition.

In many cultures hair oil has been a long followed recipe for success and our latest product our buyers have curated is seemingly the best solution! Recently featured in Vogue, Samol's Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil is a great way to salvage your hair from sun and chlorine damage by gently massaging this in to your hair. You're sure to be left with truly refreshing and rejuvenated hair!

Samol Herbal is an exciting new British brand that prides itself on its one hundred percent natural formula. The company’s origins are firmly rooted from a family recipe and derived from many cold-pressed oils and vitamins, including black seed, neem and sesame seed oil as well as rosemary leaf extract. The special ingredient black seed oil is said in Islamic tradition to be a cure for all things except death and that said by the Prophet (pbuh) so who are we to question this treatment. Samol Herbal has arrived already received fantastic feedback, having already been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Tatler.

It comes as no surprise that Samol Herbal has received great coverage - it works wonders on all hair types. The Haute Elan team has been a raving about the aromatic, rich herbal fragrance, while Halima, our intern, found that with just after one use of the oil, her hair was left softer, shinier and feeling nourished.

Both ethical and sustainable, Haute Elan is proud to stock Samol Herbal, who donate a percentage of each bottle purchased to feeding the homeless within the U.K. Shop Samol Herbal and more now at Haute Elan.


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