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QUEENOFSABBA: My 3 Haute Picks

The challenges of being a ‘modest’ fashion blogger mean it can be hard to find the right style. Numerous times I have browsed online stores, not finding anything that is suitable because they're too revealing... Until I came across Haute Elan! They provide a platform that showcases the latest fashion trends with a modest touch. I love how they have over 150 designers and boutiques on their online shop; it's such an easy way to find clothing that is suited to me. Rather than having to browse websites that don’t cater to many muslim women’s needs, Haute Elan caters to all modest-dressing women - Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

I feel like I’m the ‘smart’ shopper, because I like purchasing items that I can wear frequently, by mixing and matching them with other items to create a whole new outfit. These pieces are very adaptable and therefore are my favourite:


1. Femi9 Bronze/ Black Printed Jersey Dévoré Pants 


Highly classy and sophisticated, these trousers are everything. They look extremely comfy and warm. I can see myself wearing a full sleeved top tucked into these trousers, with a black coat to give that ‘off the shoulder look’, and to create a more modest ensemble. Add some heels and it’s perfect for an evening look. 


2. Aisyah Almashoor Mustard Yellow Linen Tunic 

This is one of those unique pieces you need in your wardrobe! It can easily go from a smart look to a casual outfit, just by adding a pair of denim jeans and white trainers. Pockets are another favourite of mine; not only do they look stylish, but they come in handy for your phone. 


Simple yet stylish, this tunic goes so well with those flared trousers! I can imagine wearing this for an event, matching it with a pair of heels and a nude chiffon scarf. 


By QueenofSabba 

Instagram: @queenofsabba

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