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Our Brand of the week - Abaya Buth

This week we take a closer look at the astonishing clothing brand - Abaya Buth.

Abaya Buth is one the leading online stores for Modest Islamic fashion, with their stunning Abayas and timeless Hijab's. Since their launch in 2013, they have established a strong global client base, offering beautifully crafted garments at competitive prices. 

The woman behind the whole organisation, Zaheeda, shares her story as to how the brand came about. Going through the struggle of not being able to find modest clothing that was both fashionable and contemporary, Zaheeda took it in her own hands to meet the requirements of not just her needs, but of any woman who may be experiencing the same thing. 

Taking inspiration from current fashion trends, the brand began developing and expanding across the globe. With their modern Abayas with beautiful embroidery, there is an option for all occasions, including everything from bridal to casual wear. 

The aim of the company is to give women greater freedom in deciding what to wear. Modest clothing does not have to restrict women to certain types of clothing, but instead, Abaya Buth transforms these modest clothing for the modern woman to have the best of both worlds.

Modesty, to Zaheeda, is not just about the Abaya, Hijab, or how one is covered; it is about how you carry yourself as a person and how you choose to present yourself. Using her knowledge and passion in fashion prior to creating the brand, Zaheeda shows how the modest clothing market is expanding and reaching whole new audiences. 

“The modest market is now moving at a rapid rate with more and more emerging brands. It is very important to keep up with the pace and changes in style, all whilst maintaining the modesty in our clothing” explained Zaheeda. 

“It can be nerve wracking when you decide that you want to start dressing more modestly. Thinking where to start and the possibility of having to change your entire wardrobe can be off putting but it doesn't need to be. The modest market is so vast and ever growing there is definitely something out there that will allow you to feel fashionable whilst maintaining your modesty”

Priding themselves in their customer service, Abaya Buth truly value their customers and aim to establish a strong relationship by really understanding the needs of women who want to dress modestly and providing them with the confidence they need to do so. 


These are a few of our top picks from Abaya Buth:    


The stunning two toned open Abaya is perfect for both formal and casual wear. The lace and floral detailing adds a contemporary touch to your look while being modest and easy to wear.  



Want to go for the more traditional Abaya, then this black open Jacket Abaya is the perfect piece. With tantalising pearl embellishments and subtle floral patterns along the sleeve, this Abaya is the definition of fashion. 



Add a dash of colour with the gorgeous Delilah evening gown. The long flowy sleeves with the floral patters across the front makes it the perfect summer evening gown for any event. 



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