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Organic Fair Trade Make Up

Increasing numbers of women are trashing their conventional, chemical-laden cosmetics and personal care products in favour of more natural, organic varieties. If you are one of these women who would prefer animal cruelty free products that have been made from organic ingredients then look no further.

Here at Haute Elan we place a huge emphasis on ethical practices and selling ethical brands. One of our most recent ethical cosmetic brand includes NIZZ Cosmetics.

Nizz Cosmetics is a Hypo-allergenic and paraben-free, shea butter luxury vegetarian-friendly lipstick. Made with a sophisticated blend of natural ingredients. Organic fairtrade butter, oils and waxes, for an ultra smooth application with a creamy finish. Long-lasting staying power and extremely pigmented. Enriched with moisturising properties leaving your lips feeling soft and conditioned.

Charlene Laville is the Founder and Creative Director of NIZZ Cosmetics, a vegetarian lipstick brand. Charlene’s varied background in science, digital media and eCommerce provided the perfect foundation for NIZZ Cosmetics. As a self-taught cosmetic entrepreneur, Charlene develops natural, organic and halal products.

Passionate about her brand and its possibilities NIZZ empower women to explore the healthy beauty option tailored to their lifestyle and beliefs. With product media coverage featured in publications such as Look Magazine, Huffing Post, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, NOW!, Healthy & Fitness, OK! and Daily Mail.

Her vision is to transform NIZZ Cosmetics beyond the a beauty brand, by contributing to the economical evolution of the Halal sector by delivering tailored and consumer led products and services.


We are currently selling the whole range of thirteen colours on Haute-Elan.com



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