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New in - Watch out for Miella

Haute Elan proudly introduces the new brand, Miella, which is now available to purchase online. This Dubai based brand, created by Rami El Malak, is a fashion-forward modest clothing label that has revolutionised modest attire. Recognising that there was a lack of affordable, yet stylish modest clothing, Rami launched his own brand to address and cater to this global need.


“A major health crisis a couple of years ago provided me with a unique opportunity to reflect on my life and see how I could do good while I was still a denizen of this planet,” explained Rami. This is where he came up with the idea of creating his own brand.

Yet, establishing a modest clothing brand was not an easy task. “In fact, I recall when we first began to raise capital a few years ago, a lot of investors didn’t really get what we were aiming to achieve. The word modest was loosely associated with this industry back then, so we used to talk about fashionable conservative wear. Talk about an oxymoron! But that has changed in the last couple of years and there has been a surge of interest in this segment.”

Now, through his expansive background in entrepreneurship, his talented team members and amazing investors, he has managed grow and build a strong global brand with outstanding clothing items. “Think of it as H&M but modest.”

You can expect many fresh and invigorate designs as various designers work together and infuse the Miella collections. Not only has he been able to bring out modest fashion to the wider market, but the brand also contributes a percentage of their top sales to various charities. “This makes a difference, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s what matters the most,” Rami explains.

The brand aims to support charities and other similar businesses. “I have adopted a philosophy of abundance not scarcity in my career and it has served me well. I think there is room for everyone, and just like we have stood on the shoulders of giants before us, I’d like to think that we are helping others do the same and unlock their full potential.”

There is still much to expect from Miella as they continue to expand their business. “We are building a global brand with a compelling proposition. Expect us to build a wider geographical footprint and in the process some amazing cross-discipline collaborations.”

Here are a few of our top picks from the new Miella collection available at Haute Elan:

Floral Lace Abaya - Black

This stunning floral lace black Abaya is perfect to throw over any outfit to transform your look. The close attention to detail within the floral design which is carefully pleated, is exactly why this is a must have piece. The open Abaya style makes it easy to throw on and ensures that it is appropriate for the hot summer weather.


Geometric Full Circle Skirt - Multi colour

Maxi skirts are a must have over the summer as it ensures modesty while looking modern. This multi coloured maxi skirt by Miella is a fresh and playful item that is sure to make a statement. The bright colours and the bold patterns makes it an on-trend piece to have in your summer wardrobe.


Longline Striped Dress

Stripes are one of the biggest trends this season. This longline stripe dress is not only on trend, but is also versatile and can be styled in various ways. The button through style allows you to pick your preference as to how you would like to wear the item and can be paired with various bottoms. The soft crepe fabric is ideal to keep you cool over summer.



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