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New In - Katorsz

New In - Katorsz 

The brand of this week goes to the delicate, sophisticated and charming jewellery brand; Katorsz. 

How much would you pay for class and elegance? Katorsz is a ladies Jewellery brand which aims to answer that question. Their jewellery hosts numerous styles and designs to make every event memorable. We select each design with the utmost focus to every detail to ensure each jewellery is a masterpiece of sophistication. The in-house designers focus on each element of each piece, right down to every last feature to bring you jewellery that is at its finest.

Katorsz is a growing business and their main focus is to provide brilliant customer service and good quality jewellery at affordable prices. They dare to be different from the market and ensure that their designs are unique only to them. Their long-term goal is to be one of women’s leading fashion and jewellery brands that support women in choosing the best jewellery that meets their needs & desires.

For the designer, Katorsz is a dream come true, as this had been planned for years in advance. The name itself is inspired by the French number which was chosen years before its existence. "The brand is dear to our hearts as we have and are working really hard to bring class elegance and sophistication for the ladies as long as Katorsz is trading. There is much more to come this is just the start of something beautiful."

These are a few of our top picks from Katorsz available at Haute Elan: 

 Katorsz Angel Wings Rhinestone Crystal Necklace 

A beautiful balance of delicate and bold; chunky and fine, the Angel Wings necklace is a stunning piece of jewellery. Featuring two crystal wing forms, on a long fine gold chain, threaded through a bejewelled circle pendant, this is perfect to add interest to any outfit.

Katorsz Infinite Silver Rhinestone Crystal Bracelet 

A Stainless steel silver bangle with a rhinestone crystal. This bracelet offers a perfect blend of class and elegance and hosts a black natural shell pendant with roman numerics, which makes this piece a timeless wonder.

Katorsz Cleopatra Rhinestone Crystal Ladies Studs 

Inspired by the sands of Egypt, and named after one of its queens, the Cleopatra ear studs brings a touch of class and majesty. With Rhinestone crystals and embellished with Gems, this is truly a gift fit for a queen.

Katorsz Infinite Silver Ring 

A timeless silver ring version of the infinite Bracelet. This stunning silver ring features a large rhinestone crystal in the centre with sparkling rhinestone studs embellishing on the bottom layer of the ring. The perfect jewellery piece for day or evening outfits!

Katorsz Lady Velvet Choker  

Midnight red ladies velvet choker with a large Rhinestone crystal centrepiece and dazzling pearls to complement. Perfect to finish for that evening look.


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