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Neelofa Exclusively Launches her Instant Hijab at Haute Elan

Growing up in a business-orientated family, it was only a matter of time that Neelofa would venture out and become an entrepreneur herself. Neelofa is well known in Malaysia for her acting, presenting on national television and commercial modeling.

She has always had a huge passion for fashion and business and hence she combined the two to start her own Hijab line.

Neelofa’s main aim was to revolutionise and simplify modest fashion around the world. After countless designs and trials, Neelofa then came up with the ‘Instant Hijab’.

The instant hijabs have been a huge hit and demand has increased continuously since their launch in 2014. These hijabs are the easiest to wear hijabs on the market right now. Neelofa has released several online tutorials showing ways in which all her hijabs can be worn.

So whether you’re constantly on the go or you just appreciate simplicity and ease, the instant hijabs will be a perfect staple for your everyday look.

Available in a variety of colours and styles you can now choose your favourite Naelofar hijab. Sold exclusively in the UK at Haute Elan

Watch this short clip and learn how to style the Stella Hijab - 


Stella was named after the Latin word for "star". They named it Stella because the integral part of the design involves a cluster of hotfix Swarovski crystal and hotfix pearls forming a sparkling star. 

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