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The Journey of Murcyleen Peerzada

From the Bollywood industry to designer of exquisite modest clothing, Murcyleen Perzada shares her story.

Growing up in Mumbai, Murcyleen first started off in the Bollywood film industry, working closely with massive stars such as Yash Chopra and Kabir Khan. Yet, all of this changed when Murcyleen decided to walk out on this lifestyle to a path more close to her religious beliefs. “I worked in the industry for about two years and then left to gain knowledge about Islam. Gaining knowledge brought about a change in my lifestyle and career choices,” Murcyleen explained. 

This then lead to the creation of ‘Murcyleen Peerzada’, a modest clothing brand based in India. “India breeds a hundred designers every single day, but despite that i’m the first one to venture into making Abayas. That’s a challenge but i’m sure it will be worth it.”

Fashion has always played a massive role on Murcyleen’s life, from having a personal stylist when she was 16-17, to assisting in the costume and designing in Yash Raj films. “Clothes make me the happiest. I have always loved fashion but I wasn't able to figure out a way to go ahead with it after my personal transition.” Until now. Using her faith and her passion allowed her to create a career that both benefit one another.

“A lot of people may see Bollywood, Dawah and modest clothing as shifts but for me it's been a matter of personal growth. Had I not come to learning about my deen, I wouldn't have started to dress modestly and the clothing line wouldn't have ever happened. So I'm grateful that I went through everything that I did,” explained Murcyleen.

Not only has she managed to create a modest clothing brand, but she has successfully been able to establish this brand in india and around the world within a short period of time. One of the highlights of her career was almost selling out in Eventra’s Ramadan Fair, despite being amidst 20 other brands and only being established for two months. “Allah has been very kind,” she stated.

However, one of the most difficult aspects for Murcyleen from her personal transition was covering her hair. “Yet, I personally think that anything that I leave for the sake of Allah is not enough. Anything we can ever do for Allah is less than what he does for us. I also truly believe that wearing a hijab or scarf aren't symbols of piety today, it's an added thing but not the only thing. Your character should be the first thing.”

“I want to make clothes close to my Ummah. I love this and I believe I am good at making clothes. I feel happy and safe in fashion.” To bring modest clothing to a larger market, Murcyleen designs clothing which are both appropriate for religious wear, but also fashionable and stylish. Her designs are currently inspired by fairy tales. “I love Fairytales. I have made butterflies out of glass stones over the shoulders. I have made very princess like robes and used a lot of pastels.” She aims to create her next line of Abayas inspired by her favourite fashion icons.

She aspires to be able to inspire more girls into dressing modestly. Her words of advice are “just to not think about what people have to say or whether society will accept your choices.  A lot of youngsters are embarrassed of embracing their Muslim identity, while some feel that they won't be able to maintain a certain lifestyle if they become closer to religion. That's not true. I am a Muslim girl, I dress the way I want to, I go where I want to and I also have a career doing what I love. We just need to know our path and everything else falls into place. If there's any guilt or doubt within us about something, it's there because we are lost. Its difficult to please people, it's easy to please Allah.” - Murcyleen Peerzada.

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