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Modest Fashion Takes Over the World!

PFH Modest Fashion Convention changing perceptions 

Ever since realising the struggles that many women face in finding clothing that are faith-conscious while fitting into society, Hassanah El-Yacoubi took it upon herself to show the world how modesty is beautiful and how you don't need to compromise your beliefs to fit in, by hosting the 4th annual PFH Modest Convention 

Entrepreneur, PhD student and online blog curator, Hassanah hosted the most successful  PFH Modest Fashion convention in America with hundreds of women gathering together for a fun packed day. The event featured top brands from the modest fashion and beauty industry, photography, food and huge influencers who all came to support this new global trend of modest fashion. This PFH Modest Fashion convention marked the fourth annual event, which was the most successful to date.  

“Through this event, we aimed to support female Muslim entrepreneurship by giving them a space to meet and by helping to provide a sense of community,” explains Hassanah. “I want to create this fashion medium where women feel confident in dressing modestly.”  

The event consisted of women from around the country meeting and getting a space in which to connect through their love of modest fashion. Not only was this a huge success, but the event marked a triumphant movement for modest fashion in general; exemplifying the extent to which modest fashion has developed globally. 

“You don’t have to compromise who you are to fit into society,” says Hassanah, “The concept is to provide women with a platform to succeed in which they are comfortable and confident.” The fashion blogger turned entrepreneur has set out to inspire a generation with her unique take on modest fashion.  

“I used to always give my friends advice on how to dress when they struggled to find outfits that were modest and fashionable as there was not much out there in the market. That's when I decided to start blogging to inspire others to feel confident in being both Muslim and modest.” Hassanah explains. 

The response from the event really inspired her to continue hosting the largest modest fashion convention in the United States. Seeing how successful of a turnout and women’s uplifting responses to the event illustrates the need for this movement in the fashion world.  

Hassanah has taken it upon herself to spread this movement and has many great ventures upcoming. “We will be going on tour to five different cities in the US with a bunch of different brands and bloggers in the space. You can also expect many more exciting collaborations across the board” 

Being a strong advocate for motivating and supporting one another, Hassanah aims to build a space where women are confident within themselves. “If you are confident, then that will resonate with others. Don’t be afraid to be different.” 


To find out more about the event and Hassanah, you can follow her @hassanah_pfh 




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