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Haute Picks: Millionaire Hair Mist by JKB Argent

Mother knows best. Well when it comes to beautiful hair she does.
It’s amazing how generations before had the secrets to enhance beauty with amazing natural products and today the art is lost in midst of fad filled products that actually do you more harm than good. Decades later– a modernised, lightweight and organic hair oil filled with the goodness of "mothers" oil without leaving hair greasy and most importantly – beautifully scented to not scare off friends! 

Introducing the Millionaire Hair Mist, containing a super blend of 7 natural extracts and pure organic oils to revive, repair and revjuate lost lustre in your hair.  The light weight formula can be sprayed on roots to tips, penetrating deep into you hair cuticles transforming dry, dull, tired hair from the inside out. 
The Millionaire Hair Mist will leave your hair strong as ever and with an incredible light reflecting, dazzling shine – all without a single trace of grease.
Unlike other hair care products using harsh chemicals, serums and silicone which instead work for the momentary hit as they merely coat the hair, causing damage to hair and the environment overtime. The Millionaire Hair Mist  believes in working with nature, hence has spent years developing a formula by using and extracting the goodness of organic ingredients and their beneficial antioxidants, minerals, proteins, vitamins and oils to create a hair care product which works to strengthen hair naturally. 
The organic ingredients used in Millionaire Hair Mist feeds our hair with rich nutrients and works its magic diligently and calmly to provide long lasting results – unlike other hair care products using harsh chemicals, serums and silicone which instead work for the momentary hit as they merely coat the hair, causing damage to our hair and the environment overtime. 
After all, our skin absorbs much of the products we use – so why use synthetic hair products and absorb damaging chemicals? 
Too good to be true? -  Well it’s not and here how it the SEVEN super blend works:


Beautiful and calming Aloe Vera works to smooth, attract and seal moisture, create a healthy shine and soothes frizz, scalp irritation and dandruff.

A fantastic antioxidant that helps to combat those harmful and damaging effects of the environment. The essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) rejuvenates hair and is a natural remedy for hair thinning, split ends, brittle and dry hair.



Pomegranate is high in antioxidants and has supercharged qualities which help to revitalise and bring life to brittle and damaged hair. The divine pomegranate specialises in retaining hair colour and keeping your locks vibrant.


The very much in-vogue ingredient, Argan Oil, provides essential fatty acids Oleic (Omega 9) and Lineoic (Omega 3)  that benefits dry and dehydrated hair. Argan Oil works to restore, regenerate, reconstruct and strengthen hair. 

Sage’s Latin name means ‘to save’ which truly reflects its great curative properties as it helps with hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and imparts shine to dull and lackluster hair. The herb also works to maintain colour in your hair, keeping it vibrant for longer.

The ever so gracious Ginger aids in stimulating hair follicles and promoting hair growth. Its natural anti-flammatory properties really help in keeping the scalp healthy and clean, keeping dandruff away and at bay. 




Discover hair that looks million dollars with just £30 per bottle. Shop Millionaire Hair Mist exclusively at Haute Elan.



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