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Meet the Abduls

Meet the Abduls 

This week we put Sakhaa Abdul in the Haute Seat to get a glimpse into a regular day of her glamorous life. 

Being born and raised in Jeddah and currently living in the UK, the two sisters have taken the fashion world by storm with there bold, unique and powerful style. Being the hot topic of the moment, it all began when Sakhaa decided to finally put herself out there and create a blog to share her love for fashion. ‘The Abduls’ is an online fashion platform that features all the top trends, social activities, and politics that you need to know about. Thana later joined in 2014 when they decided to launch The Abduls Instagram where together they created a powerful duo that the fashion industry has fallen in love with.  

Being inspired by the likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, fashion is something that that they have always been interested in through watching their mum. “It’s been crazy how much has happened in this time. We were actually part of Vogue Arabia’s first ever photoshoot and we didn’t even know it! When we wrapped up and everyone started clapping and saying ‘the first shoot is done!’ we were like ‘what?!’ It was an amazing experience,” Sakhaa explains. 

Being in such high-demand, Sakhaa’s day always starts off early. “I usually get up around 7 am and get coffee. I always have to have some coffee. Then I get ready and do my hair and make-up. If I have a shoot that day, that usually takes around 4-7 hours. Then I just go home and chill. On the days I don’t have a shoot, I still wake up early to make sure I get any work I need to do done, such as replying to emails and fitting in meetings. I always make sure that I finish at 5 so I have time to give myself and socialise with friends. That is a day in my life!”

Keeping up with the top fashion trends is also a very important part of Sakhaa and Thana’s life. “For the fall time, I am most excited for pink/orange eyeshadow and definitely the new slipper trend! But my most treasured item of all time has to be my Balenciaga leather jacket that I can’t live without!” Sakhaa tells us. 

As the two sisters continue to their path to success in the fashion world, be sure to keep updated by following them on their journey!

These are a few of Sakhaa Abdul's top picks from Haute Elan: 



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