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Last Minute Eid Gifts Ideas

Last Minute Eid Gift Ideas

Our top 5 Eid Gifts for your loved ones 

Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones from the Haute Elan team! This is the perfect time to get all your last minute Eid gifts for all your family and friends. Eid is a wonderful and joyous occasion where you can express your love and gratitude to the ones closest to you. Why not make this year extra special by gifting these precious items that put a smile on their faces. We have come up with out top 5 Eid gifts that will ensure that your Eid is a special and cheerful occasion. 

1. Nuhr - Deluxe Oud Scented Candle 

Transform your home with this rich and bespoke scent with luxurious nodes of Oud, nutmeg spice and oriental woods. For a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, gift this deluxe candle to your loved ones. The luxurious scents of jasmine and lavender incorporated to empower the heart, provides a supreme relaxing atmosphere to a home or office making it the perfect Eid gift for friends and family.

2. Saai Time pieces - Al-Awwal Light - Liquid Silver - Black Leather 

This stunning and unique watch by Saai time pieces is the ultimate gift for any special person in your life. The simplicity makes it a uni-sex watch that can be styled elegantly with different outfits. Al-Awwal Light incorporates the finest materials with intricate Arabian art. Finished in liquid silver and black leather with a two year warranty. 

3. JKB Argent - Millionaire Organic Hair Mist Spray Oil 

A luxury, organic, anti frizz, anti dandruff, anti hair loss, hydrating, moisturising and a non greasy hair oil. Made from a family recipe used over centuries honed in home beauty blends, Millionaire Hair Mist is a must have product for all fashionistas. This is the product to give to any special girl in your life for a gift she will be reaching out for everyday! 

4. Arabesque - Rose Oud 

This heavenly smelling Oud is perfect for an everyday scent. Without the overpowering scent that Ouds can have, this perfume has all the qualities of a luxurious out whilst being appropriate for an everyday wear. The small gift is a perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you.   

5. Enchanting Boutique - Mahal Set 

A beautiful, classic and elegant golden set, with neutral colours that will compliment all asian outfits. This real pearl embellished necklace is a timeless piece that can be passed through generations. For a special and regal piece that will have a lasting impression. 


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