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In the Haute Seat: Summer Albarcha

This week, it is blogger and editor, Summer Albarcha’s turn to sit in the Haute seat. Being an active blogger on 'Summer Albarcha', she uses her strong social media presence to prove that dressing modestly is fashionable. After the high success of her blog, Summer was hired by Karlie Kloss to become the second ever Hijab wearing model to walk down a major runway.

Merging fashion with faith, this US blogger has been an inspiration for women around the world as she showcases a whole new way to dress modestly. At such a young age, only being 21 years old, she has managed to make a change in the perception of conservative clothing, proving that you can stylishly wear modest clothing.

Sumer is a fashion icon and loves to share her passion and knowledge of the fashion industry on her blog and Instagram page. With accomplishing so much in her career so far, she is defiantly going to make a statement for modest fashion and be an inspiration for all women who want to dress modestly. Want to know more about her? Read on!


1. What inspired you to get into fashion?

It definitely stems from my mother. Growing up, she began wearing the head scarf when I was 8 years old, and made a point to be modest while also fashionable and elegant. Ever since then, I've always looked up to her ability to be confident while also holding her religious values.

2. What is your blog about?

I share everyday outfits, tips and more all about my love for layering. While dressing modestly puts barriers on the trends I can take part in, I love that it gives me more of a creative outlet. I learn to create numerous outfits with a limited amount of clothing styles, and I definitely enjoy a good challenge.

3. What does modesty mean to you?

It means in ones way of dressing and way of acting with good intentions in both.

4. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Probably walking in Karlie Kloss's runway show for Express in Saint Louis + being places in Express ads in US stores!

5. Do you face any difficulties being a modest blogger?

I definitely do, but I always focus on my greater goals and don't let the industry or online commentators demotivate it.

6. How do you set yourself apart from other bloggers?

I think what differentiates my style apart is how every-day wear focused it is. I love sharing looks I know people can wear on a day to day basis, whether it be events, school, travel or more, and always hope my feed serves as a look book inspiration for anyone browsing through their closet and not sure what to wear!

7. What inspired you to begin travelling?

I've always traveled with my family growing up, between the Middle East and nearby countries in the USA, so as I began working with more brands, I've had amazing opportunities to travel with them.

8. What is your favourite trend of the moment?

Bold colour blocking.

9. How would you describe your style?

I <3 layering!

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

Probably more travels, outfits and cool collaborations!


Follow Summer @summeralbarcha

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