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In the Haute Seat - Rumena Begum

This week we put blogging sensation Rumena Begum in the Haute Seat to find out how everything changed once she decided to share her life with the rest of the world. With over a combined following of 600,000, Rumena has taken the blogging world by storm with her bubbly and fun-loving personality that puts a smile on everyones faces. 

“It was all coincidental. I didn't intend to become a blogger, I just posted pictures and people really liked them,” explains Rumena. Make-up is something that Rumena has always been passionate about and has grown up loving it. “My mum is the person that got me interested in beauty and fashion. I have always been surrounded by it.” 

Rumena’s down-to-earth personality has allowed her to stand out from the rest as she shows how being a real is what people love. “I actually wanted to be a forensic scientist when I was younger, I used to find that really interesting, but as I grew older, my passion for fashion and beauty developed stronger and I decided to share that on my social media. Little did I know, this would become my whole career!”

Now Rumena is living her dream by sharing her favourite beauty and fashion beauty tips with the rest of her followers on Instagram and YouTube. “I have had so many great opportunities come up since I started blogging. For example, I got to do a meet and greet in February, which was absolutely amazing! I was so surprised with the amount of people that came to meet me. It was such a great experience meeting my followers.” 

“It is all about being real. I will never pretend to be someone that I’m not. People are always trying to compete with one another but it isn't a competition. Its about showing who you really are. I will always stick to my true value.” Her confidence within herself, her ability to be her real self and her consistency has allowed her page to flourish. This is exactly why Rumena had to feature in our Haute Seat for inspiring young women to be who they want to be through her cheerful and high-spirited personality. 

These are a few of Rumena’s top picks from Haute Elan: 

Runway Cream Lace Kaftan (Couture Edition)


Feadje Shazam Abaya (Royal blue): 


Tanaya Couture - The Tuba Cape 


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