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Magnetic Hijab Pins - The Beginning of Pin-Less Hijab Styles

Ever wondered why you have so many holes in your hijabs? Probably due to the fact we abuse our hijabs daily with the use of traditional safety and bobby pins. Magnetic hijab 'pins' are a revolutionary concept which solves all pin problems. These pins are the new, easy and effective way of avoiding any damage to your hijab. 

The Magnetic hijab pins are a set of two jewels, when used together act as a clasp for your hijab using a very strong magnet in between. This new design is very durable and will not come apart from the magnet easily!

Shop the magnetic hijab pin on Haute-Elan it's currently only £5 and is available in three different colours.


We have had a huge positive response from our customers who are raving about these pins, here's some reviews;

Fatima Ahmed, England - 'Honestly don't know why i have been using bobby pins, they have ruined my hijabs, thank god for these magnetic beauties!!'

Amira khan Pakistan - ' Love how well it holds my hijab together'

Nusaiba Al-hatimy, Egypt - ' Not only does it work great, it also looks stylish too! I love the design :)'

Patricia Hasan, Uk - 'I am so happy I purchased the magnetic hijab pins they are easy to use, especially on delicate material. I was glad to purchase them in the sale too.'

Noor Elaine, Scotland - 'I was happy to find an alternative to a safety pin so I won't have to keep poking holes in my hijab wraps, especially the thinner, delicate ones.'


Shop all colours on Haute-Elan.com

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