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Haute Picks: Top Skin Products For Autumn

Haute Picks: Top Skin Products For Autumn 

As the temperatures drop, the wind and rain can be quite harsh on the skin, causing the moisture barriers on your skin to break down and dry out. Thats why it is vital that extra care is taken during this period. Changing your beauty regime regularly is highly recommended so that your skin doesn't get used to the current one. That is why this is the perfect opportunity to change your skin routine and get your skin looking glowing and healthy. 

We have curated a list of our top 5 beauty products that we are loving at the moment to keep you looking flawless despite the wind and rain in your face.

Lucidlure Assatiin Red Clay Mask 

This oil based mask is perfect for any problematic skin. Containing various rich, nourishing and organic ingredients, all working together for the best possible result. Before using the mask give it a good mix as the oils tend to sit at the top. Apply a generous even layer to clean dry skin, avoiding the eye area and lips, leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove by rinsing with warm water and muslin cloth and follow with a facial scrub for best results. 

Lucidlure Emaun Deep Cleansing Oil 

This product can be used as both a moisturising oil and a make-up remover. This oil helps to moisturise the skin and help improve the skin’s elasticity, making it appear more youthful and plump, leaving your skin looking and feeling  soft, smooth and revitalised. This multi use product is both organic and contains a variety of skin-loving ingredients. 

Pinks Boutique Hydrating Deep Cleansing Melt 

This hydrating cleansing balm is perfect for everyday use to keep your skin looking healthy on a daily basis. The cleansing melt should be used in the evening to remove any make-up and dirt from the day. Massage this into your skin for around 2 minutes to increase blood circulation and rinse, leaving your skin feeling soft, fresh and luxurious. With rejuvenating oils and organic ingredients, this is a must have in your beauty regime. 

Elewa Natural Organic Peppermint Toner 

This organic toner is not only refreshing, but has organic willow bark extracts and natural AHA’s that soothe stressed skin and adds extra moisture. This also exfoliates the dead skin cells which restores the skins youthful glow, giving you a fresh complexion. For best results, apply this toner to all over the face and neck after cleansing. 

Naturyl Glow This moisturiser, infused with Moroccan Argon oil and Turmeric is perfect for improving your skin tone and complexion. The ingredients are able to balance oil perfection with its non-greasy formula. What makes this product even better is that is is suitable for your face, body and even hair so you will definitely get some good use out of this. 


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