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Haute Picks - Our Top 5 Beauty Products this Season

Summer is finally here! This is the perfect opportunity to switch up your beauty routine for a fresh new look. With the warmer temperatures, there are different aspects that need to be considered when taking care of your skin. Who wants sun-burnt skin or frizzy hair, right? It is very important that the right products are used to ensure that your hair and skin is taken care of. 

We have complied a list of our top summer beauty products which we have found to be the most useful. From beard oils, to the perfect eye lashes, this list brings together some of the most exquisite products we have to offer to get your summer look ready to allow you to breeze through the summer in style. 

1. Maryam London - Sunetra 3D Silk Lashes 

These 100% cruelty free silk lashes are a must to complete any make-up look. Even though, for the summer time, it is best to go with a more natural look, if you still need to add the extra touches of femininity and make your eyes stand out more, then these lashes are the one. The silk lashes ensures that they aren’t too heavy on the eye, making an easy way to vamp up your beauty routine for the summer. 


2. Naturyl Glow - Sun Inspired Mask and Scrub 

This natural face mask and scrub is a must have for the summer. Use consistently to ensure that your skin is given the best treatment possible for a glowing and radiant look. The zesty scent gives it that summer vibe, with wholesome and rejuvenating ingredients that your skin needs. 


3. Huda Beauty -  Liquid Matte Lipstick Cheerleader  

This renowned liquid lipstick by Huda Kattan is a must this summer. Prevent your make-up from sweating off by using this transfer-free matte lipstick, which not only looks amazing, but has a hydrating formula that ensures your lips are taken care of while looking gorgeous. The bright red colour is perfect to stand out this summer. 

4. Mirror & Make-up London - Sparkle Mineral Candy Pink Eyeshadow 

Ladies, Make your eyes stand out this summer with this award-winning and 100% natural eyeshadow. The rich and vibrant colour with a shimmer glitter touch gives your eyes a beautiful glow for a neutral make-up look. Paired perfectly with Maryam London lashes for a striking eye make-up look that will make your eyes the focal point for any summer event. 

5. Pinks Boutique - Lemongrass and Mandarin Facial Oil 

As weird as this may sound, the best way to fight oil is by using more oil. This balancing facial oil with a blend of anti-septic and restorative ingredients is clinically proven to prevent oily skin with its antiseptic lemongrass and restorative mandarin. Summer time can be a very tough time on the skin with excess sweat and oil forming, which makes this facial oil a must have in your beauty regime. The mix of vitamins helps keep the skin moisturised and looking fresh. 

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