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Get Ready for Tour De Salah with Capsters® 

Prepare to get active for Tour De Salah with Capsters® Hijab's! 

Tour de Salah (TDS), one of the largest charity Muslim bike rides in the UK, is back again for a fourth year! The unique challenge requires you to cycle across the capital, stopping at various checkpoints such as iconic mosques whilst passing some of the most scenic views of London. The aim of the event is to raise money for charity partners, MADE and IKCA, or for any UK charity of your choice. Tour de Salah invites everyone to get up and active in their upcoming event on 9th of September 2017. 

“The original brain child, Khalid Sharif of IBE, is a passionate advocate of cycling. For him TDS was an exciting opportunity to bring cycling to the wider Muslim community through a unique physical and spiritually challenging event,” explained Saima Hussain, Director of Hendrix Media, the organisers of the event. The challenge consists of four distances, with altering routes, ranging from 15km to 100km, where participants choose the route which bests suits their ability, to raise money for their chosen charity. 

Now ladies before we get the excuses ready with things like “my hijab is too hot” or “it will slide off and I don’t want to wear pins”, we have the solution already. Introducing the sports hijab by Capsters®. 


Capsters® were designed specifically for Muslim women to get us more active with the sleek design aimed at keeping us cool and set in position. 

“We believe that every woman should be able to do sports activities, because it leads to more self confidence and a stronger mind & body,” said Cindy Van Den Bremen, designer of Capsters®. “We know that working out with a hijab can be a challenge: a regular hijab can be warm, has too much fabric floating around and you have to put a lot of effort in to make sure that it doesn't move. With our sport hijabs all of these worries don't exist anymore.” 

Capsters® hijabs consists of a light breathable fabric which has a tight fit around the head so it doesn't move when partaking in sports, including the Tour de Salah event. There is no requirement for any pins or under cover’s. Whether you're taking part in the 15km, 30km, 60km or a whole 100km, Capsters® hijab ensures that whatever the sport, your hijab is no longer an excuse, especially when it is for a good cause. 

Cindy first released a series of sports hijabs after a girl got expelled from her gym class due to her supposedly ‘unsafe’ hijab. After that, she realised how the problem was not covering up, but how to cover up and as a designer, she felt as though she had a duty to design a product which will be suitable for modesty and sports activities. 

Capsters® designs have won a Good Design Award and are part of the permanent collection of MoMA in NYC, USA. 



“We know that most other cycle challenges for Muslims tend to be very male dominated and one of our key aims is to be accessible to as many different abilities and backgrounds as possible,” Saima expressed. With the ratio of men to women being 70 to 30 with those who have taken part in the event over the past three years, efforts are being made to improve this. There are many improvements being made, including female only rides and different distances, to ensure that the event continues to be accommodating for everyone. 

We may not all be professional athletes, but Tour De Salah is more than getting active. It is about pushing ourselves to do something we may not have considered to do before for a better cause. This is now being made easier for a wider range of people due to specific requirements, such as the Hijab are being altered to improve everyone’s chances of taking part.




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