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Designer Hijabs for Every Budget

For women who choose to cover their head, the sheer volume of available hijabs can be both awe-inspiring and a little daunting. With such a wide array of hijabs available on the market, it can often be difficult to filter through them and know just which ones to invest in. Whether you’re in need of some basic hijabs for everyday wear, or you’re searching for some unique pieces that will have you covered in style - look no further! We at Haute Elan have compiled a list of our favourite pieces. Whether you’re looking to save or splurge, we have options that are sure to work for almost any budget!


Under £10: Ecardin

Low budget doesn’t always mean low quality. We love Ecardin’s range of chiffon scarves; they come in an array of colours that will work well with almost any outfit. At just £8.00 each, they’re ideal for trying out new shades, without having to invest a lot of money. The delicate chiffon works perfectly with everything from elegant evening gowns to jeans and a white shirt. This piece in particular is sure to flatter all skin tones!

Ecardin Blush Pink Chiffon Scarf, £8.00

Under £25: Naelofar Hijab

Naelofar Hijab is one of our best-selling hijab lines and is popular amongst women from all over the world. With an array of tutorials showing you how to put on this simple, yet elegant hijab, you’ll never be stuck for styling tips! Designed and sewn in a way that makes them easy to arrange, these ‘instant hijabs’ make looking great feel effortless. The newest in the collection is the Eva hijab; with swarovski crystals scattered across the second loop of the hijab, it’s sure to frame your face beautifully.

Naelofar Hijab Eva, £20.00


Under £30:


Primarily known for their range of on-trend abayas, Feradje’s hijabs are equally stylish. If you’re searching for a hijab that marries utilitarian simplicity with textured detailing, this is the one for you. Made from the finest chiffon, it requires no ironing, and drapes beautifully around the face. With it’s rich colour, the Soleil Burgundy Scarf/ Hijab is sure to compliment a host of winter ensembles.

Feradje Soleil Burgundy Scarf/ Hijab, £25


Zeba and Layla

For those of you who like to make a statement with your hijab, Zeba and Layla offer a collection that is bold yet wearable. Transposing geometric patterns onto lightweight fabrics, their hijabs are ideal for dabbling into braver styles. While they offer a selection of colours and patterns, our favourite is the Geo Rustic Red Scarf.

Zeba and Layla Geo Rustic Red Scarf, £26.00


Under £40: Foulard

With their ability to exude class, Foulard hijabs are one of our most popular ranges. Made from soft voile, they’re easy to drape and won’t slip off your head. The lace border adds an elegant touch that will make your entire entire ensemble a little classier. The Black Scarf with Gold Lace is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe; whether you choose to pair it with a black maxi dress, or a blazer and jeans, we know it will look great!

Foulard Black Scarf with Gold Lace, £32.00


Under £60: Sadoq

We love a brand that pays attention to detail, and that’s something that is certainly clear on viewing Sadoq’s collection. On bringing forth pieces that are well made and high quality, these hijabs can be worn time and time again. Made from a blend of modal and silk, they are luxe pieces that won’t break the bank. We love the delicate pearl detailing on the Kim Scarf.

Sadoq Kim Scarf, £56.00


Under £300: Noor Saab

Featuring silk scarves that start at £205.00, Noor Saab present a collection that is luxury at its finest. The collection is perfect for those of you who want to invest in art, not just fashion. We love the Seneca Life Scarf in particular; on employing a print that is reminiscent of the terrazzo cement tiles that are found in old Lebanese houses, it taps into a nostalgia for a bygone era. We love the way the scarves work alongside western pieces, creating an ensemble that marries eastern and western culture.

Noor Saab Seneca Life Scarf, £205.00

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