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Brand of the Week - Sharkiiat

This week we take a closer look at the stunning clothing brand Sharkiiat, and their traditional Palestinian and Jordanian designs with a modern twist. 

Razan Maswadeh, designer of Sharkiiat decided to create her own modest clothing brand after struggling to find clothes which she desired. Realising that there was a lack of Jordanian and Palestinian clothing brands in the London market, she decided to use her previous knowledge of marketing and appreciation for fashion to create the renowned ‘Sharkiiat’, the first Palestinian and Jordanian brand to come to London. 

“Initially I loved fashion since I was a little girl. I loved playing around with colours and patterns and I began drawing pictures of outfits. I stopped doing this as I became busy with my studies,” Razan explained. “Later, I started posting 'outfit of the day' picture and people started to like what I wear and how I mixed modesty with fashion. I realised then that London doesn't have many options for modest clothing, especially Palestinian and Jordanian clothing, so I decided to create my own brand.” 

Having a masters in marketing allowed her to use her skills to begin establishing her clothing brand. Wanting to keep close to her roots, Razan decided to create Palestinian and Jordanian clothing but with a contemporary twist. “As the stitching on the designs is very traditional, it can be hard for people to see themselves wearing it in today's society, so I try to make it more modern and mix the two.” 

The exquisite quality and delicate designs make it a must have piece for summer for any special occasion. Her unique approach to the modest market industry makes the brand stand out from the rest and ensures that traditional Palestinian and Jordanian clothing is given greater awareness in new markets, while still suiting the requirements of each specific person. 

Sharkiiat is expected to launch new fresh and unique designs every season. “They will all be modest but they won't all be inspired by Palestinian and Jordanian culture. I want to make fresh designs each time.” 

These are a few of our top picks from Sharkiiat:

Multi-coloured Palestinian inspired dress:

This elegant white dress with traditional colourful embroidery inspired by Palestinian and Jordanian cultures is the perfect item for summer occasions. The bell sleeves add the extra touch of charm to make this a stand out piece. 

Full Embroidery Sleeveless open gilet: 

Want to add a splash of traditional embroidery to your outfit with a modern twist? This sleeveless gilet is the perfect option to add tradition to any outfit while being able to be styled into a modern outfit. The black and red colour in the cotton gilet can be easily styled for any summer evening outfits. 

Black and gold Palestinian inspired top: 

This oversized chiffon top, with traditional Arabian embroidery, is a staple piece for Ramadan. Keeping you cool during the hot weather whilst maintaining modesty, it is a practical and easy to style item that you will be reaching out for every day. 

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