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Brand of the Week - Saa'i Timepieces

Brand of the Week - Saa'i Timepieces

Take a closer look at the luxurious Saa'i Timepieces that is changing perceptions

Saa’i timepieces present a distinct, elegant and timeless collection of timepieces that originated from three childhood friends who set out to inspire young Muslim entrepreneurs. The three friends, all with three different perspectives, joined together to create a company that not only produces unique watches but also aspires to change the perception of Muslims in the media. “We combined our skills to create a brand which would put young Muslim entrepreneurs in the limelight and to inspire young Muslims,” explains Mohammad.

Saa’i timepieces is a luxurious brand that combines traditional Arabic art into modern timepieces, offering beautifully crafted pieces made from the finest materials. “The word Saa’i originates from the Arabic word ساعة which means hour or time-keeper.” They also ensure that their products and materials are sourced from sustainable factories and that workers are treated fairly. “We believe that happier workers lead to better quality products and happier customers.”

Their exquisite designs and high-end quality is only a fraction of what the company represents. They stand for so much more with 5% of every purchase going towards various charities such as helping to build walls around the world so every order has a deeper meaning. “There’s a negative portrayal amongst Muslim’s in the media and we want to break away from these stereotypes and cultural norms,” and they are successfully able to do so through their ethical practices.

Taking pride in their design and quality, Saa’i timepieces designs are inspired by all things art, from shapes to colour, anything that fascinates them can be incorporated into their designs. Their main inspiration comes from Arabic calligraphy and architecture such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. “Each timepiece has its distinct design influence which gives a purposeful and bold expression on your wrist.”

“We would like to be at the forefront of fashion trends for our timepieces without deviating from what makes them unique - Arabic design.” Aiming to go global, Saa’i time pieces aspires to revolutionise timepieces by offering luxurious and unique styles whilst keeping close to the core value of the business, to stand up together and inspire young Muslims.

These are a few of our top picks from Saa’i Timepieces:

Al-Awwal Light - Liquid Silver - Brown Leather



Al-Awwal Dark - Twilight Gold - Black Leather



Al-Awwal Light - Liquid Silver - Black Leather





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