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Brand of the week - Oola Sports

Brand of the week - Oola Sports

This week our brand of the week goes to Oola sports, which aspires to get more women active, regardless of their circumstances.  


Struggling to find clothing that would support their needs of being active and modest at the same time is what lead to the creation of oola sports. Co-founders, Haya Al Ghanim and Amina Ahmadi, decided to take the ultimate  challenge of climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. “While we were training for Kilimanjaro, we really wanted to train outside, but we were really struggling to find something to wear that was appropriate for training outdoors,” says co-founder Amina. “We knew at that point that we wanted to do something about it, but it was the experience of Kili itself that brought Oola to life. We made up our mind that we were going to go back home and do something about it.”

After realising that this is a common issue experienced by many women around the world, they decided to stand up and make a difference. Partnering with fashion designer, Lilian Gabriel Barbosa, they embarked on a journey that set out to change the perception of modest fashion for the better.

The items consist of various lose-fitting items that are workout appropriate and tube-scarfs that are lightweight and breathable to ensure that you aren't restricted when taking part in activities whilst being kept conservative.

Not only does Oola sports provide modest sports clothing, it reinforces the empowering message that Haute Elan is trying to portray. Women should not feel restricted when it comes to dressing modestly in any form. The expansion of the modest market has been revolutionary with niche markets within this industry being launched such as active modest fashion.

Their love for fitness came from different aspects. Haya was inspired to start her fitness journey after witnessing a 78 year-old complete the Boston Marathon. “I thought, what an accomplishment. I’m 28 and can’t even fathom having to run a 10K, let alone a full marathon.”

Co-founder Amina Ahmadi’s love for outdoor physical activity is what inspired her to take the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. “Not finding suitable clothing for outdoor sports while remaining within the realm of my values was frustrating and often led to me not participating in a number of outdoor activities,” she says, which then lead to the development of Oola sports.

The vision of the team really came to life when Lilian Gabriel Barbosa, the fashion designer, joined the team. Being an advocate for fitness, this combined both her passions and allowed her to develop clothing pieces that made a change in someones life. “Being a part of the Oola team, where the main goal is to excel in sports and fitness, without having to compromise religious and cultural beliefs is very rewarding,” she says. “I love every step of the way, and I hope to continue doing what I love the most for as long as I can.”

These three inspirational and motivating women, together, have managed to create an amazing corporation that aims to empower and change the lives of women around the world. This is why our brand of the week goes to Oola sports.

These are a few of our top picks from Oola sports:

The Top 

Happy Pants 

Got Ya Covered 


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