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Brand of the Week - Huw Roman

This week, our brand of the week goes to the inspirational Huw Roman. Being one of the first ever modest clothing brands from Japan, the designer, Hiroko, opens up about her journey on how she managed to develop her own clothing line unlike any other. 

Fashion has always been an important part in Hiroko’s life. From a young age, she would save money and travel to different countries to find inspiration and discover more about fashion from around the world. “I finally decided to start the brand during my trip to Dubai and Turkey. I was greatly inspired by the Women in Arab countries who were wearing the Abaya. It was very mystical,” explained Hiroko. 

For Hiroko, modest fashion is about being able to dress modestly but still be fashionable and comfortable. “Our companies modest fashion is based on Japanese culture and tradition. As I live in Tokyo, the fashion scene here has strongly influenced my designs.” 

Hiroko has been inspired by different events and symbolic objects. For example, the abayas, also known as ‘The Nagare’, which translates to ‘flow’ in English, were inspired by Mount Fuji and Kimonos. “The curves on the Nagare are a resemblance of the concave slopes of Mount Fuji and a bit of the Japanese traditional Kimono were also incorporated into the design. As a Japanese, I also love minimalism. The dress shirt was inspired by a Japanese word known as “Shibui” – which stands for simplicity and subtleness.”

The brand is not only about the clothing, but hold a strong moral concept that aims to inspire and motivate women. “When I started the brand, I was focusing on a woman in general with strong moral principles; one who is honest, intellectual, sophisticated, delicate, independent, chic, charming, modern and who has a lot of faith in oneself. This is also our brand core concept, which I had represented as "粋" (Iki) - representing delicacy, individuality and chicness and"薫" (Kaoru) representing the atmosphere of illusion, nuance, romanticism, and reality. Keeping the "Huw Roman" woman in mind, I try to incorporate these concepts into my design.” Therefore, when dressed in Huw Roman clothing, you are representing this confident, chic and independent women.  

The goal for Huw Roman is to produce top quality modest clothing that is designed and manufactured in Japan and sold across the world, ensuring that the items are both functional and fashionable.

What differentiates Huw Roman from other brands is its use of specialised and intricate technology that is able to produce well thought through designs with impeccable quality. “Most of the Japanese designers or manufacturer are very detailed and quality oriented. So when I am designing clothing, I am not just focusing on the look but also on customer satisfaction and comfort as well.” Huw Roman’s fabric is sourced from Japans most reputed fabric dealers such as Toray. 

“We value and respect the people who manufacture our products a lot and they value our creativity and we work closely together so we can achieve the right results.”

These are a few of our top picks from Huw Romans collection at Haute Elan:

1. Bow Tie Shirt Dress 

This is a everyday wear shirt-dress is designed to be comfortable even in hot humid weather. It uses a High-Gauge knitted fabric which is Egyptian super-long cotton. The high gauge knitting gives it the impression of a Shirt Fabric. The fabric allows for some stretch, which will make the clothing more durable for everyday wear. For quality, the buttons used are shell buttons and not plastic. They last longer than normal plastic buttons.

2. Raglan Sleeve shirt dress 

The beautiful and elegant fabric used for the Raglan Sleeve Dress is call OXIJEWEL, developed by the company ‘Toray’. The characteristic of this fabric is that it gives an impression of a unique bulge that is on a thin and firm material. It is very light and comfortable and provides great ease for movement. This products care is minimal and you can wash it at home on a regular machine using a good detergent. The unique bulge gives it the nice voluminous and elegant look. The Bulge is vertical rather than horizontal. This is to give it the depth when you walk


3. Kimono Sleeve Jacket 

The grosgrain fabric for this Kimono jacket features an uneven surface which is thin and glossy and rich in texture. This grosgrain fabric was used for this jacket to give it a more casual and relaxing look. It’s length and the cuff sleeves are designed like a kimono so that the sleeves gradually widen in shape towards the cuffs.


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