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Brand of the week - Faraashah

Brand of the Week - Faraashah 

This week, our brand of the week goes to the extravagant and stunning Faraashah. 

Being born and raised in London, Farhat, founder of Faraashah, decided to launch her own clothing brand that showcased her vibrant and exciting personality. “Whilst living in between Dubai and London, I felt that, despite being in one of the most fashion-forward and traditionally rich countries in the world, there was a lack of colour and silhouette in the traditional Middle Eastern Abaya.” Keeping this in mind, Farhat created clothing pieces that took a twist on the traditional Abaya by incorporating flair, layers and florals; creating stand out pieces. 

“Initially I wanted to bridge the gap between culture and fashion with a fusion line of coloured kimono style Jackets with intricate embroidered detail which could be worn by the locals and Western Expats within the region yet being affordable. That’s where the idea of Faraashah came,” explains Farhat. 

Being inspired by women from all walks of life, Faraashah’s pieces incorporate fashion tastes from women who want to make a statement despite their race, age, colour and ethnicity. “I want women to be able to wear an intricately embroidered piece that can be transitioned from a day piece to an evening one, without compromising comfort.  This is reflected in my designs, whether it be the embroidery or the silhouette of the pieces.”

Not only are the pieces fashionable and trendy, but also incorporate modesty within them. Modesty to Farhat holds much more meaning than just the clothes that someone wears. “Modesty to me is not just carried in the way one dresses, it's also and not limited to the way they behave, treat people and the way they carry themselves. You can be dressed in the most modest attire and be a visually beautiful person, however, if your personality does not speak what you portray in your dressing, in my eyes, that's not modesty,” Farhat explains.  

Despite being a relatively new brand, Faraashah has been able to reach out to customers from around the world. "I sold out at my very first concession in Dubai within 3 Days and had to mass produce for the next 7. I was overwhelmed by the response and touched that clients from different nationalities and walks of life were resonating with Faraashah.” 

Being inspired by what isn't in the market, Faraashah’s pieces will definitely make a statement with their unique styling and intricate attention to detail and quality. “I source materials from different parts of the world for one piece. I pay attention to colours, embroidery and silhouettes to make unique pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. My first kimono collection was hand embellished with 3D flowers and dragonflies  which was very popular.”

Faraashah is one brand to look out for as they take over the fashion industry with a bam. “Expect the unexpected, drapes drama and detail!!”

These are a few of our top items from Faraashah available at Haute Elan:

Carrie Jacket 


Elizabeth 1st Duster Jacket


Mariam Bejewelled Pouff Sleeves Jacket  



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