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Brand of the Week - Enchanting Boutique

Pearls are back with a contemporary twist  

Pearls are every girls best friend. The elegance, charm and sophistication that pearls can add to an outfit is sublime. Pearls ooze the vintage and classic feel which is always incorporated in every haute-couture collection and is a staple for any outfit. Enchanting boutique, at Haute Elan, exquisitely demonstrates the beauty a drop of pearl can add to a piece of jewellery.  

“I want Enchanting Boutique Jewels as a brand to be known for authenticity, quality and style. A place where customers know that when they buy a piece, it is an investment that will be everlasting and can be passed onto future generations.” explains Farhana, founder of Enchanting Boutique. 


Farhana has always been passionate about fashion and design with a creative heart beating inside her. “I love regal and noble jewellery. I am endlessly captivated by the opulence and finery in those classic pieces. These components make for a real age-defying look, which will ultimately never go out of fashion.” 

Symbolising ultimate luxury, elegance and style, regal jewellery is a statement in Enchanting boutique. “I love to go to museums, and lose myself in the old Tudor period paintings. The jewels from this era, I find to be truly enchanting.. which is where the name of my brand came from.” says Farhana. “As my parents are from Hyderabad India, this too has undoubtedly had an influence in my pieces. The Hyderabad style originated in the 17th century under the Nizams, who used bright colours and pearls in their jewellery.” 

Enchanting Butiques new collection incorporates freshwater pearls for a timeless look. “To me, jewellery should be cherished, and not a throw away fashion. With that in mind, I have pieces in my collection that are adorned with pearls.” For Farhana, pearls not only look stunning but are the ultimate gift for a loved one for their true elegance and quality. “They also reflect the ‘regal’ concept inspired from my heritage, as Hyderabad is actually also known as the ‘City of Pearls’.” 

The modern take on this classic piece is what makes this brand stand out. “Our most popular item, the ‘Amina necklace’ is in fact a long pearl necklace with a gemstone pendant. Surprisingly, these are bought also by a much younger demographic.” The versatility of the items makes it wearable anywhere by women of any age. 

As the need for real authentic jewellery has grown, with the increase in artificial jewels becoming predominant, Enchanting Boutique truly values the unique characteristics and deep colours in authentic gemstones. Farhana has seen a great response to her exquisite collection. “When I launched my first collection, it sold out almost immediately!” 

“I will never forget my first event where my little stall bought so many new excited customers to me. These customers still consistently come back and buy from me, which displays that they are continually pleased. One of the many reviews I had have said: “the nicest piece of jewellery I have, is from Enchanting Boutique.” That to me is a real achievement.”

These are a few of our favourite items available at Haute Elan: 

1. Amina set:

This elegant set consisting of a freshwater pearls necklace, earrings and a ring is both a classic and contemporary piece for a sophisticated outfit. 

2. Turkish Shezadi Necklace:

This statement necklace is sure to stand out with its sunning assortment of freshwater pearls and semi-precious gemstones making it a piece to invest in with its outstanding quality. 

3. Indian Inspired Emerald & Ruby Necklace:

This traditional Indian inspired necklace is perfect for any formal occasion. The pearls with the mix of emerald and ruby gemstones is what makes Enchanting Boutique unique and a must-have.

To see Enchanting Boutiques full collection at Haute Elan, click here.





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