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Brand of the week - Chantal Designs

This week we take a closer look at this weeks top brand, Chantal Designs. 

Being inspired by her travels, Chantal’s designs are a reflection of each countries culture, people and architecture that she has had the chance to explore. “I can spend hours wondering around in a new city, just observing and getting inspiration from street art,” Chantal explains. 

Growing up in Sweden, after leaving Lebanon at such a young age, Chantal now lives in Dubai as she continues to grow and develop her business. Chantal has always been passionate about fashion. “I can remember at school, we had drawing and sewing classes and I was always the last one to leave, I loved doing my own clothes by cutting and stitching dresses and T-shirts.” 

Despite having her own business, Chantal ensures that she finds time for her family and takes a break. However, “the most difficult part of my career is finding the strength to keep going when you are feeling uninspired. Sometimes I face a creative block and that, in my opinion, is the hardest step to move on from. Yet, Chantal perseveres and keeps working hard at creating the beautiful designs which are seen being worn by various bloggers including Maram Zbaeda.

“The nicest thing about my work is when I see my drawings come to life; it is just a great feeling. Also, when I hear back from my clients and they tell me how my designs make them feel; that is always satisfying.” 

There is still much to expect from Chantals Designs as she works on continuously growing the brand and making s accessible to people around the world. “There is nothing better than having a passion that turns into a career and watching it grow.”

These are a few of our top picks from Chantal Designs which is now available at Haute Elan: 

Organza Sleeve Abaya:


Scarf Abaya:

Front Fringe Dress:




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