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Body Positivity in NY Fashion Week

Body Positivity in NY Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week changing perceptions of beauty 

New York fashion week went down a success last week with hundreds of the best designers in the world coming together to showcase their top designs. What stood out the most, however, was the increase in diverse models walking down the runway. The ‘Body Positive’ movement was emphasised immensely in this years NY fashion week, with plus-size models shown by, for example, the brand Torrid who made its debut at NY Fashion Week with 40 full-figured models. There were also many transgender models, for example, on Calvin Klien's runway. 

“The customer wants to see what our clothes will look like on their bodies, on their skin tones,” designed Christian Siriano told The New York Post. The demand for diverse models shows an extremely positive shift in the perception of different bodies, showing how accepting and open-minded the world has become. 

However, there are still some disagreements as to whether this will have any permanent changes. "Like a pyramid, there are a small group of gatekeepers at the top who decide which models will represent the beauty ideal and these models reflect these individuals’ tastes and preferences — and, of course, their biases.” Sara Ziff, the founder of The Model Alliance, told the Fashion Spot. Despite the fact that there is an increase of diverse models, Ziff expresses that the top models will also have a certain persona and look. 

Yet, the movement in NY Fashion week illustrates that there is an effective change beginning to emerge. Whether this will change the perception of beauty, that is debatable. But we can definitely say that there is slight movement in what beauty is. 


(From left; Torrid, Christian Siriano)

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