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Beauty Brands of the Week

Huda Beauty

Influencer and leading business woman Huda Beauty, took the beauty industry by storm with her, eyelashes, lip contours and liquid lipsticks etc. 

Her non-drying liquid lipstick formulas and liners are a god send for busy bodies and makeup lovers everywhere. Whatever your colour preference, nudes or deep reds, Huda has got you covered. Shop Huda Beauty on Haute Elan now.

Trophy Wife and Muse 

The Millionaire Hair Oil - JKB Argent

The Millionaire Hair Oil is one of our fastest selling products. With it's amazing hair repairing formula it's no wonder why we love it here at Haute Elan.

This oil spray combats anti-frizz without it being greasy. It also thickens and adds shine to hair for a more healthier look. It's organic contents like aloe vera, argen oil, pomegranate extract and other goodness makes it a special product, your hair will crave. 


MAYA Cosmetics 

A new addition to our beauty family is Maya Cosmetics, a makeup line that caters for Muslim Women by being being animal-free, vegan-friendly and certified 100% Halal. There is a colour for everyone. 

Barely There

Shop at Haute Elan for your beauty fix today. 




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    Hello and Salam. Would it be possible to get in touch wth the distributors of Huda & Maya cosmetics so we can feature them at our Halal cosmetics platform www.halalnco.com
    Info@halalnco.com thank you

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