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Anisah Khokar: #LMFW2017 by Haute Elan - The Revolution of Modest Fashion

The last two decades has seen the development of a rapidly expanding and diversifying market for modest fashion. However, it all depends on what you personally feel comfortable wearing. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and not feel as if you are showing everything you have to the world - that is dressing modestly for you.

And this is what has been incorporated with sheer creativity and grace at the first ever London Modest Fashion Week - hosted by the UK-based e-commerce modest fashion company, Haute Elan at the Saatchi Gallery. 


It has been my first official event to attend as a blogger and it has been an absolute privilege to have met the most talented designers, artists and fellow bloggers! You can also take a look at the link here in order to see the article that I have been featured in by Buzzfeed, giving my interview and outfit details for the day!

Trench coat: Mango, Top and Trousers: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Scarf: Primark, Shoes: Adidas Originals, Sunglasses: Topshop

To continue, to think that all clothes *must* be revealing in order to be stylish is ridiculous to me. Pantsuits can be considered as being modest and with a crisp button down shirt and eye-catching accessories - you could still turn heads just like any other outfit! Maxi skirts and dresses are now in style and they tend to offer plenty of coverage. You can add a shirt or shawl if the sleeves reveal too much. You can wear clothes with a pop of colour. That is still modest and there is nothing wrong with that style of dress - the options are endless!

I have absolutely been awestruck by what has been created to view at the catwalk showcase, by the likes of national and global designers such as her Excellency, Sara Al Madani of Rouge Couture, Feradje and Leenaz.

List of designers who have participated in the Modest Fashion Week catwalk showcase.

London Modest Fashion Week catwalk showcasing piece by Maslea, Kuala Lumpur.

London Modest Fashion Week catwalk showcasing piece by Ummiriaz International.

London Modest Fashion Week catwalk Show: Hosted by Haute Elan

Whether you choose to dress modestly or not, the choice is up to you and you should be free to do so. It’s between you and your faith, as well as your respective beliefs. On a personal note, I firmly believe that expressing religious beliefs through clothing is a beautiful tradition that should be honoured.

In the end - if you are dressing to be respectful of yourself and your beliefs, then it doesn’t matter if you fit into what other people feel you should wear.

By Anisah Khokar 

Instagram: @anisah.kh

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