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5 Beauty Tips by Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Tanji.S

1) Tend to your Skin’s Needs

With the high rising inflation of new beauty bloggers and Youtubers, we are left overwhelmed, convinced that we need the newest skincare product or the latest limited edition highlighter, and so on and so forth. Although it can be annoyingly tricky trying to resist such glamorous temptation, what’s more important is to actually examine what your skin is lacking, what it needs, and what products can solve these problems. A blogger may have you convinced that you need the new mud mask that’ll suck out all of the dirt from your pores, but if you have dry skin, this will be the last thing you need. Be smart, and invest in higher ended products that actually address your skin's concerns. Not only will you choose wiser, but you’ll also end up saving loads of money on a monthly basis, particularly in the long term.

2) Have a Nightly Skincare Routine

Your night skincare routine is the most fundamental to the well-being of your skin! Skin cell renewal and regeneration rate is higher at night than during the day! From about 11pm till 4pm your skin actively regenerates itself whilst you sleep, producing more collagen and destroying harmful free radicals that damage cells. Water loss is also higher hence we are always informed to wear serums and night oils at night in order to wake up to gorgeous glowing skin. This is why it is essential to get an early good night’s sleep. Failure to do so definitely takes a toll on the quality of your skin. Ever wondered why babies, and children in general, have waaaay smoother and more flawless skin than we do? Here’s your answer.

3) Invest in High Quality Makeup

Using high quality makeup is essential to maintaining the appearance of the skin. Often, luxury and higher ended brands will invest more into high quality ingredients than their drugstore counterparts; these ingredients have far better skin-benefiting qualities. That’s not to say that the drugstore doesn’t formulate good products, but if you’re searching for a foundation that will combat your particular skin-related concerns, high end stores are more likely to offer a well-tailored solution. If it’s dryness that’s the issue, there’s a greater likeliness of finding a foundation in Selfridges that contains less alcohol, than there is of finding one in Boots. The ingredients that constitute the products can definitely make or break the overall look of the makeup; if you’re wearing layers of products on the skin, your pores will struggle to breathe!

4) Sweet Almond Oil!

Want your super dark circles to disappear? Use SAO as an under eye serum. Have super dry or dehydrated skin? Use SAO as a hydration mask. Your lashes are too short and thin? Grow them by combing SAO through them with a spoolie before bed. Eyebrows aren’t thick enough? Comb brows with SAO! Want to brighten the overall appearance of your skin and fade blemishes? Apply a small amount of SAO before your makeup routine.

5) Multitasking Product Recommendation: Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

This thick cream pigment is the key to addressing multiple issues that may be leading you to have makeup meltdowns. It can be mixed in with a moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser. It can be applied as a concealer, that not only provides full coverage, but also colour corrects. It can hide hairs on the brows that you’ve forgotten to remove. SSE also hides discolouration, redness, scarring & provides a perfect base for eyeshadow priming. It’s the go-to must have, and a little goes a long way.

By Tanjia Sayed 

For more beauty tips head to www.tanji-s.uk

Instagram: @tanji.s

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